Models by Nancy Pinke

In 1977 the first Papillon came to our house as a birthday present to me from my husband. Since 1969 we had had a collie, he was getting older, had problems with his hips, and it was time to take a look around for a new four-legged member of the family.

My husband had seen a Papillon visiting one of his colleagues and told me about this little beautiful breed, and my first opinion was no, they are too small. Anyway my husband was so deeply in love with what he had seen, that for my birthday my present could be a Papillon or nothing. And then I got my first Papillon: Gaardsholt Inkie, whose name later gave the chosen prefix for the Kennel.

Believe it or not, he is telling that he is still not regretting what he did then!.

In 1978 we got our second Papillon, Gaardsholt Bonnie, who gave birth to 2 litters in the kennel, and in her last litter MULTICH Inkies Sweet Irina and INTCH Inkies Sweet Idefix. Irina was at her time top-winning in the breed with several Group- and BIS placements. Bonnie was of the smaller size, so after a caesarian-section, we gave up breeding from her.

In 1979 we got our first english import: Shimna Gavotte, born in august 1978 by Mrs. S.M. Jones. She arrived 6 month old to Denmark, and became the foundation bitch for many years' succesful breeding, and her name is still to be found in most of our pedigrees today, as well as in other Kennels top-dogs, both for showing and breeding. MULTICH Inkies Unique is one of the top-winning males after her.

Then some years went on, and at one of my visits to England, I saw in 1988 my "dream-girl". A 3 month old puppy standing at the grass and around her was an aura as said: "See me" - and I did. That was my first import from the Ibstock Kennel: MULTICH Ibstock A Misty for Me . Misty returned with me when I got back to Denmark, and I had the fortune, that her pedigree combined with a son of MULTICH Inkies Unique as we bougth in to the Kennel, MULTICH and World Winner Pepstars Kuno of Unique produced the most exquisite 3 girls, all 3 became Champions Inkies Exquisite Expectations, Inkies Incredible Illusion and Inkies Incredible Isabella.

Among the things the life with the dogs are giving, is also some really good and appreciated friendship. With Mrs. Susie M. Jones and Mrs. Rosemary Ayris we also have a very good friendship and co-operating with Mrs. Pearl A. George, the KVAR kennel in the USA, from where I have had the fortune to be trusted first Kvar California Dreaming and now Kvar Ocarina of Josandre. Together with Mrs. Pearl George we also have a partnership in Phalenes, but its a story by itself.

The Phalenes in the Kennels have been here almost as long as the Papillons, as our fist Phalene, born after Papillon parents, was born in 1979. Anyway, to me that does not give a true Phalene, but a dropped-eared Papillon, but he was the start, and we have had a couple more, among them INTCH Inkies Gordon of Rupert.

In the summer 1989, a second "dream-girl" turned up when I saw for the first time Skymningens Nanette. A breath-taking Phalene-puppy at 8 month, and I decided that if I ever should have a Phalene, it should be one like her. Some years later Nanette moved in with us, and she has been the foundation for our Phalene-breeding, and with a foundation-bitch like her, we have been able to breed some really exquisite and winning Phalenes.

One of Nanettes daugthers, USA  & DK CH Inkies Keepsake Katie, has for some time been in America with Mrs. Pearl George where she in co-ownership with Mrs. Janice W. White as the first Phalene ever made Breed History by being Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at an indenpendent Papillon Club of America Speciality. An event where I was handling her myself at P.C.A.'s Speciality in San Diego in May 1998.  Katie'ss half sister Inkies No, No Nanette, as well as Inkies Red Moonshine Girl, a Katie-daugther also went to America with Mrs. Pearl George for the Phalen breeding programme there.

Both in the Papillon and the Phalenes, the first Danish bred USA Champions is Inkies. In the Papillons: USA INTCH Inkies All I want is an Angel, and in the Phalenes USACH Inkies Keepsake Katie. Both taken care of by Mrs. Pearl George.

Another thing as have to be mentioned here is that after we lost our Collie and deceded to get a new "big" dog, we both deeply fell in love with the Belgian Tervueren, and that breed have for many years shared the house with us and the small ones.

During the years I also have done a few other things. One of them as is related to the dogs is, that I have been educated as judge (Danish Kennel Klub & F.C.I.) for , of course Papillon & Phalene, but also many other breeds, in FCI Group 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 9 and 10. I have been judging worldwide and enjoy that part of it as well.

From the Danish Kennel Klub Magazine, HUNDEN:

In November 2004 the board of the Danish Kennel Klub honoured Kitty with the Honour pin in gold for her prominent breeding of Papillons and Phalenes, as she has had since she got the first Papillon in 1977 as a present. Under the prefix “Inkie” up to that time 38 champions has been maked up as a result of Kitty's good eye for the breeding. In addition to the little lively Papillons the family also have had Belgian Tervueren, which shows the wide of the interest in the dogs.

There has been time to do a good job in other part of the Dog Sport, as a member of the board in the Kennel Klub's district 1, member and chairman for the Danish Papillon Klub and as judge for several breeds in the FCI Groups 1, 2, 3 ,5, 8, 9 and 10.

The Danish Kennel Klub Congrats.