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Inkies Fantasy Journey


Born: 19th of november 2005


Fantasy Journey

Blicci's U are my Universe

DKCH Silenzio's
Robin Hood

Silenzio's Dancing Master

Silenzio's Simba

Hopalong Nina Ricci

DKCH Ibstock Crock of Cold

Gallinas Romance

Inkies Yes She's Tomorrows Hope

Ibstock Toy Boy

GBCH Caswell Court Jester

Ibstock Gaynors Gift

N DK CH Josandre'
A Touch of Hope

USA CH Hodges Clearlake L' TX Cruzr

Kvar Karbon Kopy

Now "Nino" has also finished his title as an International Champion.

At the 7th of february 2009 Nino was shown under judge Miodrag Niksi from Serbia and got an new title, so now he is:
, SRBCH, PLJCH. Inkies Fantasy Journey.

Thank you to Aleksandra for showing our boy so well.

Nino finished his title as a Polish Champion, only 23 months old. Congratulations to Alexandra.

10th of March 2007 Nino made his debut in an intermediate class and went CAC, BOS,BOB and Best Of Group 2'nd.
  The judge was Piotr Krol ( in finals as well ).

Only 10 months of age Nino went Junior Winner , Best Junior and has finished qualifications to Polish Junior Champion . At the main ring comepetition was held regarding to following rules: In each group were chosen best 3 juniors ( but with no placement ) and then they competed together with best 3 from other groups. Nino was chosen to the best 3 in the IX group , but no dog from IX group succeeded in strict finals


Nino 7 months old.


Nino 3 months old is enjoying the snow and his new friends in Poland.

Nino on his way to his new home in Poland by Aleksandra Otkińska-Iwicka.